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Relax    Rejuvenate    Restore    Revitalize     Renew    ReYOU

Each SolGarden session is Heart-centered, Soul-guided.

Unique to You.

I invite you to take a moment to find out more. 



Whether you choose a REIKI or SPIRITUAL HEALING session, you sit or recline comfortably.

There is no pressure, manipulation or massage.

You will be asked what you would initially like to focus on during your  session. You may be alert and converse or drift into a deeply relaxed state.

The results of each treatment are determined by your own unique requirements.  You may feel warmth, chill, a humming or buzzing as the energy flows through the body. Or, you may feel nothing at all. 


It is typical to complete your session feeling relaxed, recharged and refreshed.


Miraculous Light of Healing with the energy of the Soul

Is the process of discovering and uncovering what is called your True Self. In a gentle releasing of limiting blocks, beliefs, emotions, and patterns, you deepen the unfolding of your highest enlightened awareness. This is done with the Miraculous Light and the energy of the individual's soul. This beautiful light is within us all and is expanded during a session.


The deeper you go, the more you will know the love, peace and freedom of the awakened life. It is what your soul longs for, and it is your destiny.


By a process of tuning into the energy field that surrounds you, including the chakras and aura, issues reveal themselves for clearing and healing.


SPIRITUAL HEALING can help you with:
Release of blocks and restrictive patterns.
Clear karma.
Explore spiritual development.
Awakening and enlightenment.
Repattern the cellular, genetic, and DNA memories.
Activate the laws of attraction.
Clear deep issues such as anger, abandonment, fear, futility, discouragement.
Allow your Soul to participate and integrate into your daily life.


Universal Life Force Energy


A thousands-year-old natural holistic energy therapy technique to relax and reduce stress that also promotes healing, brought to light by Buddhist, Mikao Usui, at the beginning of the 20th century. 


WHITE LIGHT USUI REIKI is an enhanced form of traditional REIKI with special techniques for detecting, interpreting and clearing energy imbalances. 


The name REIKI is derived from two Japanese words: Rei - universal and Ki – life force energy. REIKI works with your body’s own life force energy to open and rebalance your energy systems. 


REIKI ENERGY can help: 


To gently support your body in loosening up and clearing energy blocks, which can cause physical and/or emotional limitations. If your life force energy is low, sickness or stress is more likely. If it is high, you are more able to be healthy and happy.


Ease pain, enhance healing and recovery. 


Stimulate the immune system.


REIKI treats the whole person, body mind and spirit, benefitting adults, adolescents, children, and pets.




Leads you through mental images using the senses, with the goal of inner peace and relaxation.


During an INDIVIDUAL OR GROUP MEDITATION, you will also sit comfortably, eyes closed, with relaxed breath and enjoy a guided focused attention that frees the mind and calms your entire being.


According to the Mayo Clinic, MEDITATION can help:


Give you a sense of calm, peace and balance that benefits your emotional well-being and overall health. Benefits continue after the meditation ends, carrying you through your day and may improve certain medical conditions.

Whether your session is in person or on the phone, you will be in a secure, confidential and deeply nurturing space.


Peace, Love, Health, Joy, Happiness, Abundance, Freedom, Trust, Compassion, Safety, Gratitude, Integrity, Harmony, Awareness, Presence, Goodness, Self-Love 

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