Root Yourself to the Earth

This morning, I took our dog Augie out for his walk. We roamed the neighborhood, he sniffed a few dogs in greeting and we found our way to our favorite pocket park at the end of a block edging the bay. Augie pawed the grass and treed a squirrel. I faced water and sky, breathing in the clear light around us. I sent roots into the center of the earth.

Augie and most animals are rooted naturally. For humans? It takes conscious effort...especially on hectic days. Those days, the sensation is that of being hurtled through space untethered.

There's good reason for that, as we enter a global "quickening," where time seems to speed up and the earth and her climate are shifting into unrecognizable patterns.

Being grounded means being centered, or balanced instead of imbalanced and turbulent. During times of stress, being grounded can serve us the most, as we can remain firmly rooted within our self to promote balance and stability, no matter the chaos that may be occurring around us. This makes us better able to handle anything that comes our way...mentally, physically, emotionally.

For that, I practice a daily routine...outside, if possible, and I share it with you below. It is called grounding. It is Augie approved.

Taught by Jonathan Parker, PhD, it is deceptively simple. Here goes:

* Visualize the image of a tree stump going to the center of the Earth.

* Make the “tree stump” at least 1 foot in diameter, or if you really want strong grounding, use triple grounding - one grounding column inside the other. The outer diameter 3’, and then a 2’ diameter column inside of that one, and a 1' grounding column inside the others. See them earth-tone colors such as light tan. The color of wood works well.

* Put thousands of roots on the base of each column and see them anchored firmly to the energetic center of the Earth. Be specific and deliberate when you anchor the grounding columns strongly into your first chakra at the base of the spine and bind the roots into the core of the Earth.

* Move your lips and describe to yourself what you are doing while you are doing it.

* Breathe out the release of negative energy and other people’s energy on you down the grounding column and deep into the Earth.

* Be sure the grounding stays the same diameter all the way down and clean it with a golden ball of light or golden scrub brushes if you sense it is clogged up.

* Grounding needs to be done daily. I suggest doing it when you first get up in the morning -- sitting on the side of your bed.

After a week of practice, you will begin to feel more centered. More you.

After a week or so, let me know how you feel. Send any questions.

And finally...Happy Earth Day...

Big hugs, Ellen ;)

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