Ellen is extraordinarily intuitive and talented. I arrived feeling raw, dismantled and unwell in numerous ways. I left feeling well, whole and renewed. I look forward to future sessions and increased healing. Linda Z, Largo, FL

Ellen has gone out of her way for me....I was pretty much lost and very sick. Came to my house because I couldn't get to her.   Started me healing myself through foods... many years before I even got diagnosed with problems I was having. She just knew. Ellen is one of the most beautiful people I know and would recommend her to anyone. 

She had a huge impact on my healing. And I love her for it. J.S. Oldsmar, FL

I have been blessed to have worked with Ellen in personal sessions (on the phone and in person) for the last 4 years. Ellen is highly intuitive and nurturing when she tunes into the issues that are ready to be released. My heart center always feels expanded during each session, whether on the phone or in person. Some issues have been cleared in one session. Others have many layers that require more than one session to completely release. I was fortunate to be able to do a session with Ellen when I was experiencing the pain of a kidney stone. I had never had this issue before, so I wasn't quite sure why I was having the pain and nausea. After about 15 minutes into the session, the pain had dissipated and the nausea was gone. I slept like a baby later that evening. I trust her ability to "tune in" and her soul's guidance for healing the emotional traumas that present themselves during the sessions. I always leave our sessions feeling uplifted and at peace. Sue M., Clearwater, FL

The session was a very peaceful and healing experience, it was a blessing. A. Rodriguez, Clearwater, FL

I have been doing weekly sessions with Ellen for many years now and highly recommend her. She has the unique ability to tap into the subtle energies that create our life circumstances and shift patterns that cause disharmony in our lives. I found if you come to her with the vaguest idea of what is disturbing you, she will be able to pinpoint the energies and help shift the patterns. She is a gifted energy healer. A  very good medical intuitive, as well. I look forward to our sessions together because you never know what is going to present itself for healing, and healing just feels good.
Ruth K, RN, Grand Prairie, TX

Ellen is extremely good and knows what she is doing. I'll certainly go back again and again. Katherine F., Pinellas Co., FL

Since my early twenties, I had struggled with a rare and advanced case of endometriosis, which caused infertility. I took medications to help me ovulate but they only enlarged my ovaries until they were close to rupturing. I could not believe…that I was not meant to have a child.

The last fertility drug had failed and my endometriosis had progressed so much further that my organs were literally stuck together. I was in a constant state of pain… A visit to my gynecologist confirmed what I did not want to hear, and I was transferred to an oncology surgeon. …she felt that because my organs were stuck together and I was so full of cysts and tumors, the operation was much too complicated for her to handle.

The surgery was scheduled for early August and the surgeon, wanting a clear picture of what awaited him, set up test after test, many of which were painful and invasive. With each test result a new problem surfaced; one revealing the presence of a large, dark mass on my colon, and the colon lining itself, showing as black rather than healthy pink. Colon cancer was now highly suspected. I was to have a full hysterectomy. Part of my intestine would need to be removed, and quite possibly, my colon.

Two days before the surgery, needing all the strength I could get, I went to Ellen’s for Reiki treatments… As she called in our Guides and the angels, I watched as they dropped into the room; but in the past there had been a half dozen or so, this time there were so many more. Everywhere I looked I saw them, one by one, filling the room with their healing energy and love. …and my heart filled with gratitude at this amazing display of love. Just as I was about to comment on their presence to Ellen she said, “It’s getting so crowded in here! I have to open the door. I’ve never felt so many angels in the room before. It’s overflowing with them!”

I was overwhelmed by their numbers, and incredibly humbled that they were there for me.

As the healing continued, I suddenly felt as if I was being enfolded, as a force pulled something from my body and out through my back. While the pulling sensation was new, the feeling of being enfolded and protected was not, and I knew before I saw him, that it was (Angel) Gabriel I felt. I reached out with my mind…I felt comforted by his strength and presence. He was lying beneath me, holding me in his arms, his giant white wings enfolding me as he pulled the illness from my body. When Ellen instructed me to turn over, I was unable to move. It was as if I was a piece of metal stuck to a giant magnet, and as I tried to break free, I heard Gabriel tell me to remain still while he completed his task. I passed the message on to Ellen and remained as I was until he told me he was finished.

When the session ended,…I hugged and thanked her for the healing.

…the surgery went off without a hitch. In fact, when the surgeon opened me up, my colon which had once been black was a healthy pink once more, and the large mass was nowhere to be found. He was stupefied and had no logical answer for its absence. In truth there was no logical answer, only one that points to the spiritual and Divine intervention.

The Journey Home, a memoir, by Leigh La Mura, Published by Balboa Press

Content used with author permission

Dear Ellen,

I don’t think you have any idea of the significance your role has played in my life….I hope you will understand how truly grateful I am for your presence in my life. As stepping stones go, you were a large one, providing a solid, well-lit path. Keep shining your beautiful light and Spirit out to the world. With much love.  Leigh La Mura, NJ

Ellen is a master with energy work.  I have had several energy sessions and found her to be very intuitive picking up on key areas that need some extra attention.  Each session was very relaxing and I can feel my body accepting her work.  My only regret is I do not live close enough to get worked on more frequently. There have been a few times she worked on me long distance. You can tell she is working on you. The area heats up and tingles a little. Her knowledge and passion for work is evident. Truly a gift.  Launa, NC

When I met Ellen, her presence was so calming. I was going through a real bumpy time in my life: physically, emotionally and spiritually. I felt like everyone was draining and choking me. I had nothing else left. I had a lot of remorse for having an abortion when I was young. Due to the scarring of that, I could not have children. I never told Ellen any of this. I wanted to see want she could tell. Well, she did tell me all of it and I was amazed at the Love that came pouring out. I was so unbalanced and my throat charka was blocked. I always felt so much guilt for my decisions. To know the angels were with me and have no judgement just their unconditional Love, is profound.

A year later, going through pre-menopause, it was emotional roller coaster time. Felt so lost. After the session, Ellen said, “you never told me your mother passed away.” OMG! My mother was there and always there! She passed more than 25 years ago. And I had not had contact with her since my parents divorced when I was 5, leaving feelings of abandonment and insecurity. It had left such trauma and now I have started healing…forgiveness and unconditional Love. I never dreamed of being worthy. Ellen, what you have given me is priceless.

Recently, I saw Ellen. I’d gone through knee surgery 2 years ago, and it wasn’t getting better. I had gained 50 lbs. Ellen was stunned when she came saw my healing energies (she called it something else) were blocked. Not flowing. She unblocked them… it’s only been a week and we will see. Ellen is so soft spoken and makes you feel so comfortable. Thank you sooo much!  Donna S, Florida

Ellen is absolutely amazing! Can't wait to go back! Anne J  FL

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